Eric Brezovac

Whether it’s the knowledge of the sector, the quality of the contacts or the strength of the support, everything is marked with true professionalism. Thus, the relevance, the pragmatism and the conviviality of the exchanges largely contributed to the efficiency and serenity of my recruitment process.

Marine Laigneau-Belle

Sportcarriere has always been present and provided support throughout the recruitment period. I really appreciated the advice, the availability and the responsiveness of the team, which I highly recommend to people who wish to develop their career and be accompanied in this project.

Youssef Halaoua

I very much appreciated that the first recruiting pass-through for a mission as exciting, demanding and competitive as a bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games is provided by a specialized and independent firm. Professional and invested, it was a real pleasure to meet them and defend my candidature.

Francis Graille

I had the opportunity to recruit a dozen people amongst different teams during my professional career. Thanks to their network but also their direct approach in the market, I gained precious time during these recruitments. Their responsiveness and involvement allowed me to free myself to perform my daily tasks.

Amel Bouzoura

Assigned to the position of communication officer for our Cycling Team, at Sportcarriere we found in them a real quality of listening and analysis as well as an excellent knowledge of the sector. Their professionalism and the relationship of trust that we have established has allowed us to recruit a colleague who fully meets our…

Jérôme Valentin

Jérôme Valentin

When I contact Sportcarriere, I found in front of me a deep knowledge of the concerned sector, people who truly listened to my needs as well as very good reactivity versus times where I was waiting. Availability, competence and sense of result are the main characteristics which allowed me to reach the goals set for…

Virgile Caillet

Virgile Caillet

It is indisputable and greatly appreciated to note that this recruitment agency has a perfect knowledge of the environment and sport professions, a strong reputation amongst the network and those within in this market, which has obviously brought us closer together. There is a human dimension that is always present in relations with employers or…