Velotour is the number 1 leisure biking event in France where we transform a normal ride into a festive and unique experience. Participants are able to discover historical and uncharted locations in their city which are typically inaccessible on a bicycle for example: Roland Garros , the Marseille Opera, Stade Vélodrome, Malls etc…

In 2017, Velotour assembled over 36,000 participants in 5 cities across France (Dijon, Orléans, Marseille, Le Havre and Paris).

In 2018, Velotour is expanding and developing tours in 7 new cities.

In 2019, Velotour will be launched in a dozen of cities with more than 50,000 participants attended (Marseille – Toulouse – Paris – Bordeaux – Dijon…)

They are social !

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