TrainMe in a nutshell: TrainMe is THE community that connects individuals and businesses with sport professionals through a comprehensive sport training platform. Here you will easily find professional sport classes close to you at anytime!

TrainMe was founded by Gatien Letartre, formerly with  Audencia & Senior Consultant at KPMG Advisory and Anatole Saby, IT Engineer.

Website :

We are currently a team of 10 people and by the end of 2018 will be a team of 20.

Some Numbers :

  • Site was launched publicly in 2015
  • Over 2.5 years, 15,000 courses have been taken
  • 500 coaches registered on the platform in Paris and Lyon, with continued growth across France
  • 35% growth each month
  • Our offices are in the Tremplin (since  June 2016): the first global incubator specialized in sports and digital enterprises
  • The collaborative economy is booming and their are no major players in sport thus far
  • Similar concept to CoachUp! in the United States
  • We have seen strong interests from coaches and individuals
  • We have just finalized our fundraiser