The two sporting institutions in Rochelais; Stade Rochelais created in 1898 and the Rupella Basketball club, established in 1932, are collaborating this off-season to form a new, stronger partnership.

These two sports icons in La Rochelle both share identical ideals: community and growth, commitment and solidarity, and are united towards creating a environment which fosters development. Based on the promotion of both the Stade Rochelais and Rupella brands, the implementation of operations (administrative, marketing and commercial) as well as the union of the different communities, both the general public and business partners; this project’s goal is to foster the pursuit of sporting excellence, strengthen development, encourage the support of amateur sports and grow the sporting influence in this region.

The two clubs will form a joint sports company, of which Stade Rochelais will be the majority shareholder alongside other partners, such as LEA NATURE, a key partner in the roll-out of this project.

The Stade Rochelais Rupella aims to join the Pro B league in the interim by relying on a strong development policy and execution of a successful business model.