Remember the time where you purchased a gym membership only to go just 3 times in the entire year?

About four years ago, we decided to revolutionize sport participation by offering short-term memberships to gyms throughout France, without any commitment and at an affordable price.

Finally an opportunity for everyone to do sports à la carte, according to their own desires. Making sport something to be enjoyed rather than a constraint.  

Because a good idea always comes in twos, we also created a specific solution for businesses. Your employer provides restaurant vouchers for lunch, holiday vouchers to go on vacation, gift vouchers to have fun, so why can’t they offer you easier access to practicing sport?

With our Gymlib Corporate solution, all employees will soon benefit from our unlimited sports pass, you can think of it as the “Sports Restaurant Ticket”!

Be our newest jewel!

Are you motivated, talented, smart and friendly? For us that is already an excellent start! We are not going to ask you if you can deadlift 100kg, just simply having real belief in our concept, an interest in sport and a desire for new technologies.

Arrive each morning with a smile.

It may sound naive, but it’s our daily goal. To achieve this we have concocted the magical potion: motivation, passion, exchanges, numerous (almost) funny jokes and afterworks every Friday. There are others we may have left out, but they are our family secret to be discovered when you join us.

Participate in our great adventure.

It is our startup and we want to share it with you. Make it flourish together. Simply to be proud of what we have all built together.

Here everyone speaks and everyone learns. Enriching the business while enriching ourselves on a daily basis does not have to be in conflict of one another.

Beers at the office every Friday from 5 pm, daily ping pong games, regular urban football games, and a few evenings to celebrate our successes together!




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The Commandments for Joining a Startup

  1. Get a head-start everyday by being innovative with your thoughts and ideas  
  2. Propose ideas to push the envelope but not only for your sector
  3. Know how to accept failure, while continuing to take new risks without fear
  4. Above all, always be fearless