Created in 1890 as a non-profit and recognized publicly in 1922; the French Rowing Federation (known as the French Federation of Rowing Societies until 2014) has received delegation from the Ministry of Sports to organize the practice of  rowing throughout the nation of France. The Federation is made up of all affiliated clubs whose aim is to continue to develop the sport of rowing.

The FFA Missions

  • Develop the practice of rowing in all the following forms: river, sea, fixed and indoor
  • Promote rowing to all potential participants regardless of their age, sex or motivation (practice of competition, relaxation, health, discovery…)
  • Promote the values ​​of rowing
  • Promote the creation of clubs and their development throughout the national territory
  • Federate affiliated clubs, support their efforts and coordinate their activities.
  • Organize national and international championships and deliver championship titles from France
  • Select and coach national teams to represent and represent France in international competitions and the Olympic Games
  • Train volunteer and professional staff to mentor practitioners safely
  • Promote job creation to professionalize the structures and improve the reception conditions of the practitioners.

To fulfill its missions, the FFA is relayed by the leagues at the regional level and by departmental committees at the departmental level.