The five entities of the Horse Racing Institution (France Galop, LeTrot, the National Federation of Horse Racing – FNCH, PMU and Equidia) have worked closely together with the Common Marketing of Racing (MCC) to reinvigorate the attractivity of horse racing across France.

To support and embody these new ideals through one common entity, the brand  EpiqE was created in May, 2016.

The first event to come from the new vision of horse racing was the EpiqE Series, launched in June, 2016. This series brings together the top 14 most prestigious Trot and Galop tracks across France.

Since 2016 the EpiqE brand has been enhanced by the addition of the  EpiqE Days event and will continue to expand its scope of influence with the launch of EpiqE Connected Hippodrome and the EpiqE Tracking (geolocalisation system).